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The Kings & Queens brand!

We are aware of how you intend to communicate, and we work tirelessly to be your best gift options whenever you wish to celebrate yourself or the people that mean something to you.

people like you who have known taste, fashion and luxury, deserve to be dressed in a unique way than others precisely royalty, because it is clear that you are not the same with anyone and that’s why we decided to take our time to create an awesome experience that protect & preserve your  value in  a way that equate your worth  and as well paying attention to your comfort. 

That is how much we value your relationship, you should find out more on what have to offer you today and any other day because, we believe in world that evolve with difference experience every single day.

It will be an interesting journey, lets walk through this path of life and explore it together.

We are not here for all but for the few who can actually afford the luxury in being different.

We don’t rush our process, we take time  to ensure every detail and craftsmanship is perfect that’s why in some cases we take up to 28 days  to deliver an order on our wait-list.

Working in the realm of a luxury brand, we are committed to offering you a rewarding experience characterized by a blend of creativity, exclusivity, and meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.

welcome to the  xLvee, we are iconic!


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